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This is our 'serious' side.

We talk code, we read municipal bylaws, we make sure all required documents are drafted in order to obtain construction permits... 

We make it happen. 

We also like getting funky. Architecturally speaking. We like modern, futuristic, clean lines, raw materials. We like it minimal, with significant impact.

Our specialties:

Single family

Interior Design

This side likes getting into the nitty gritty human scale detail. We love colour, texture, textile & statement-making-materials.

We like thinking about interior circulation, pleasing visuals, comfort and day to day functionality. We thrive on practical beauty.

Our specialties:

Healthcare clinics

design bonuses 

+ Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is critical in architecture and valuable design solutions are integrated into all of our projects. Utilizing a Passive House inspired conception process, we make sure our architectural designs are climate-conscious and adapted to our local environment.

+ Sound mitigation

Sound is everywhere and can easily become a major nuisance to our health, sanity and productivity, at home or at work. 

Noise control is seamlessly weaved into every proposal we make so that this problem never becomes one.

Sound treatment 

Enhancing the acoustic qualities of a space using acoustical products such as sound absorbing panels, acoustic light fixtures and other specialized acoustical treatments.


Making a building component, such as a wall, resistant to the passage of sound. Specific wall and floor compositions will decrease sound transmission, while increasing the feeling of joy in one's life.   


Why would I hire an architect?
1. Save money

/ The right design

An Architect listens to your needs and specific desires, synthesizes ideas, plans and builds your project in 3D before construction even begins.

Detailed photo-realistic mock-ups help you make enlightened decisions you'll be confident moving forward with. Changing your mind is also way easier to do virtually (and less costly) then when construction is underway.


/ Accurate quotes

Architectural drawings provide key information to contractors, allowing them to give you detailed pricing for your project.

Questions settled before construction begins will help avoid delays and confusion later in the project.

/ Reduce energy bills

An Architect will analyse a project's features and propose energy efficient systems and solutions tailored to it's specific needs and location. 

Carefully planned items such as building orientation on a site and window placement can maximize solar heat gain in winter and passive cooling in summer which increases overall comfort and savings. Specifying the right amount and type of insulation, overseeing air-sealing details during construction as well as choosing high-efficiency heating/cooling systems are all different ways an architect can significantly and positively impact your project.

/ Materials & finishes

Working hand in hand with trusted distributors, your Architect will help you choose materials and finishes that are durable as well as beautiful, saving on frequent maintenance and replacement costs.


/ Good design sells

A well-designed house has a higher resale value. A well-designed store draws customers. A well-designed work environment attracts employees and increases productivity. Your Architect thrives on good design and can innovate on any budget. Trust us, we can't help it.


2. Make construction easier

/ Building permits, feasibility and compliance

Building code, accessibility code, energy code and municipal bylaws. Fun? No. Necessary? Yes.

Your Architect has the experience and knowledge to help streamline these many processes. She’ll know the path to take for permitting; getting a contractor; etc. If there's something she doesn’t know, she’ll have the contacts and resources to figure it out.

/ Working with the contractor 

Architects and General Contractors are both fluent in the "language of construction" which helps efficient problem solving. Your Architect can act as an interpreter when things get tricky, can review bids and help you work through the different construction phases.

/ Construction administration (& general problem solving)

The Architect is the person who coordinates all of the other designers and engineers on your team. She spearheads compromises when a plumbing chase conflicts with an exhaust hood chase. She researches substitute materials when a manufacturer suddenly goes out of business. She helps find fair solutions when a contractor inadvertently omits a window. These items happen more frequently than you would imagine. It saves you (and your contractor) a lot of headache to hand this over to your Architect.


3. Creative solutions

/ Architects are trained to solve problems in creative ways

With a broad knowledge in design and construction, and a love for looking at things from different perspectives, we can offer alternative options you might never have thought about. We'll then figure out the best way to make it happen.

/ Need more room? 

Often times when we think that we need to move to accommodate an expanding business or family, we can enlarge your building so that you don’t have to go to the trouble of moving.


/ Expanding Business

It’s hard to know how fast your business is going to grow. Your Architect can design an office that meets your needs today and can be altered for whatever happens next. 

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